Short story: “The Customer is Always Right.”

A short thing I wrote on my 750words, to conclude my first full month of writing on the site (sadly, the site may be going away in another month).

A story that pays tribute to all those working or have ever worked in customer service. I tip my hat to you.

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Short story snippet: “The girls in the wood.”

Slightly lame title, yes. This is a first, careful poke at a fantasy story idea that might turn into a full novel come this November. A kind of introduction piece for the main characters I intend to use; Rowan and Lily.

(Inspirational music: Celtic)


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Short story snippet: “From the winter mists”

Inspired by the wacky weather during my morning walk I wrote this, which is really an alternate take on a scene from my novel, from the pov of another character. It wont be used in the novel, it’s just a fun exercise on alternate viewpoints and such.

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Short short story: “Morning Dynamic”

A vignette type story typed up as my daily 750words thing. Letting my characters play around in my head some more before I tackle my huge and scary novel proper again. This gently introduces a new character into the mix that I’ve had in my head for some time.


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