Short story snippet: “Hope”

I’ve had a portrait of my character Zouriel hanging from my wall since I moved in and it finally coaxed me into writing something with him again. This is a short scene, which I set far in the future in my novel-verse. Perhaps in what would be book two or three.

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Short story: “Magic morning”

A short story vignette I wrote based on a scene I got in my head one morning and I tried to convey the feelings it created in me as it played out. It may or may not feature a character from my novel, I made it vague on purpose, as a challenge.

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Flash fiction vignette: “Night scene”

I admit I’ve been stalling a bit on the literary front. April was spent writing a 25,000 novella for CampNaNo (based on This Story Snippet) and after that all of my writing energies have gone into slowly crafting my autobiography (partially as therapy, but also because I feared I would begin to forget things if I did not write it down somewhere).

So, consider this my first attempt at fictional writing in quite some time.


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Short story snippet: “From the winter mists”

Inspired by the wacky weather during my morning walk I wrote this, which is really an alternate take on a scene from my novel, from the pov of another character. It wont be used in the novel, it’s just a fun exercise on alternate viewpoints and such.

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