Poetry: “Elevator Woman”

As we find inspiration in the strangest of places, this one might be the strangest (or not) yet.

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Short story: “The Beer Thief”

After some late night ruminations while inebriated, a resulting exchange with a friend (the one who is responsible for one of the characters) and this story was born with my novel main character and a guest star. I suppose I should link to this story as well, as it is an introduction piece of sorts to the guest star.

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Story snippet: “In the dark all cats are grey”

So I started on something that looks like it could be a long one. A longer short story or maybe a novella. Perhaps more, though I don’t want to jinx myself.

It’s been a while since I had an idea for fiction longer than 2500 words, so posting this here for posterity and your enjoyment.

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Short story vignette: “Sun and Moon”

A story dealing with my characters from my story “Meeting Adjourned”, it’s not quite a sequel, but it takes place in the same universe, using the same premise. I suppose I should mention some characters get naked, but I don’t describe their state of undress…Nothing naughty happens.

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Short story: “Old Gods – New Ways”

Today’s short story offering is like my own version of American Gods, in that it is a short tale about old gods coping in a modern world. I focus on just one pantheon though, the one I’m the most familiar with (though for funsies, I won’t give it away here).

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