Short story: “Breakfast confessions”

Another short story thing with my novel characters, something a bit more light-hearted this time, but actually in chronological order for once.

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Short story snippet: “Lily’s Despair”

For the past two years I’ve been doing NaNoWriMo and this November I will have a go at it again. This short snippet is really a bit of character study for one of my main characters in what is supposed to be a proper fantasy novel.

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Short story: “Echoes and memories”

My novel characters Zouriel and Cassandra have been much neglected as of late, so I wrote this little thing to appease them. It’s actually portraying a kind of important event in the formation of their relationship. (I’m tickled that it came out in Cassandra’s POV, most of my stuff with them is Zouriel’s POV.)

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