Short story: “Water Dance”

The longest story I’ve completed since NaNoWriMo, it’s a little long for a short story (depending on your definition). I wrote a slightly shorter story that’s a prequel to this, might upload that here too (Some other day though). I’m…mildly happy with this right now, but fuggit, it’s 2-something am right now and I’m sleep deprieved (but happy).

I…dedicate this to Hannah, who is the inspiration for it and the characters of Gil and Douglas.

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Ficlet: “Team Work”

And some writing. This is one of the most recent things I’ve written, featuring characters I used in my NaNoWriMo story (which still hope I will be able to turn into a pretty decent book after some editing and rewriting). It is, like most of my short stories where I explore my characters and get to know them better.

Enough with the ranting, story goes below.

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A new world opens.

So, I finally took the plunge and started a proper blog for myself.

I’ve kept journals both online and offline, but I needed a more professional looking place to display my writing efforts.

So here we are.

It took me forever to just pick a name, since I’ve always been horrible about names, but I’m fairly content with this one and soon enough there will be some real content on here. But for now…I’ll just stretch my newborn baby blogging legs for a bit.