Short short story: “The Wood Nymph”

This came from…somewhere. Just a short little thing that showed up among my morning pages that I edited to a little more than two pages in length. (Honestly, I think some of these short stories are just distractions my brain throws at me so I don’t have to go off and finish some of my larger writing projects. :P)

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Essay: “Love”

Okay, so it’s a long essay of a rambly, highly personal Montaigne variety, but I think it still fulfills the criteria of personal and artful (there are some artful bits to it, particularly the end).

But yeah, fairly personal for me, relying heavily on my own experiences and how I learned from them, which is like an essay too I suppose.

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Short story snippet: “Soul on Fire”

I am not entirely sure where this came from, but it’s a concept I toyed some with in the past and it’s apparently been cooking in my head since then. And this is what came out. (To be continued?)

As a disclaimer, I might be channeling some Targaryen siblings. 😛

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Short story: “Old Gods – New Ways”

Today’s short story offering is like my own version of American Gods, in that it is a short tale about old gods coping in a modern world. I focus on just one pantheon though, the one I’m the most familiar with (though for funsies, I won’t give it away here).

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