Short story: “Beat the heat with your shirt still on”

Resvisiting some old characters with a story that was my own attempt to cool down a bit.

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Short story: “Find your own adventure”

I actually wrote this up as a back story to a Dungeons & Dragons character I got to use about a month ago, but I think the story stands well enough on its own, a quaint little fantasy piece.

Hopefully you agree with me.

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Short story snippet: “Detective Georgas”

Because I love to stick my novel characters into new settings (well, in this case it was my character Cassandra who wanted to be some kind of female Sherlock Holmes in early Prohibition era with a twist). I feel tickled enough by this scenario to continue it, maybe develop it into a novella. *nods*

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Short story snippet: “From the winter mists”

Inspired by the wacky weather during my morning walk I wrote this, which is really an alternate take on a scene from my novel, from the pov of another character. It wont be used in the novel, it’s just a fun exercise on alternate viewpoints and such.

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