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Poetry: “My cat”

Two short poems I wrote today. I’m splitting them up into two separate posts because they are fairly different in style I think.


My cat. Dear cat.

What are you thinking of?

Do you ponder things of mischief?

Or how long it is ‘til lunch?


Do you remember your kitten days?

When you snuggled up to your mom

Do you remember those mournful days?

When you had no home at all


What do you think of me?

Am I merely the bringer of food?

Or do you think more fondly of me

When you lay close to me and snooze


How do you mark the passing of time?

The hours. The days.

Do you notice them at all?

Or is there some other reason why

You wait for me by the door.


My car, my dear cat

Though sometimes I’m nothing,

But a pillow to you

Your face makes you easy to love.


And sometimes I do think,

You love me too.


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