Poetry: “Serenade for Spring”

A silly thing I wrote today, as the weather outside did not match the calendar on my wall and the holiday that is upon us.

There are some references to a certain owned property here. Hopefully they won’t mind.

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Short story: “Fire and brimstone”

This started with a sentence and grew from that.

Simple, short and self contained for once. Proceed with caution, for here there be dragons:

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Short story: “Meeting Adjourned”

Well, this was an odd one. I suppose it is a sequel of sorts as one of the characters is the same vampire that was the POV in my vampire story from yesterday.

Here I paired him up with some other otherworldly and supernatural creatures, like…a modern monster support group? I had a lot of fun with the dialogue and the characters. (I must note that the Trickster god in this is only partially based on that infamous version from those superhero movies…)

Might be more with these characters sometime, mostly cause I want to play with them some more.

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Short story: “The Demon in the Forest”

I felt a bit dragged down and unexcited about a story I’ve been tinkering with for a few days and read somewhere about a published writer who’d dropped the story that had similarly bogged him down and just sat down to write whatever came into his head about a certain theme.

I decided to try the same and over an hour and almost 3000 words later I had a draft for a short story. I tinkered with it some more and now feel it is good enough to publish here. 🙂 I encourage anyone struggling like I did to try the same thing! It’s a fun experience to feel the story forming as you write.

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Short story: “Angel in the Dark.”

Another one of those idea that popped in my head while I was writing and then I just ran with it.

It feels like it could be a fun thing to continue and develop into something a little longer, like many other things I’ve posted here. I’m sure I’ll come back to this idea sometime.

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