Short story: “Echoes and memories”

My novel characters Zouriel and Cassandra have been much neglected as of late, so I wrote this little thing to appease them. It’s actually portraying a kind of important event in the formation of their relationship. (I’m tickled that it came out in Cassandra’s POV, most of my stuff with them is Zouriel’s POV.)

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Short (short) story: “Philosophy for Ghosts”

Another story about my supernatural people, this one featuring my ghost girl Melanie and how she came to join my little ragtag bunch of monsters and gods. (I’m working on a larger plot with them that might even become a proper novel.)

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Short story vignette: “Sun and Moon”

A story dealing with my characters from my story “Meeting Adjourned”, it’s not quite a sequel, but it takes place in the same universe, using the same premise. I suppose I should mention some characters get naked, but I don’t describe their state of undress…Nothing naughty happens.

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Poetry: “Father”

A feeling that’s been on my mind lately. I finally channeled it into some artful writing.




A father’s arms are strong and safe

His face is stern but kind

He tells you bedtime stories

And helps you spell the words

He holds you in his arms

He keeps the dark at bay

Or at least that’s how it’s supposed to be

But not always what we get


A father can be absent

He can be a just a face

In a gilded picture frame

That stands on your mother’s desk


A father can be angry

He can yell and he can scream

He can tell you cruel things

And fill your eyes with tears


A father can be cruel

A father can be mean

He can use those arms of his

To hit you and to hurt


In those deep dark hours

It’s important to recall

That we are not the only ones

With a father who isn’t right

Flash fiction vignette: “Night scene”

I admit I’ve been stalling a bit on the literary front. April was spent writing a 25,000 novella for CampNaNo (based on This Story Snippet) and after that all of my writing energies have gone into slowly crafting my autobiography (partially as therapy, but also because I feared I would begin to forget things if I did not write it down somewhere).

So, consider this my first attempt at fictional writing in quite some time.


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