Short story snippet: “Hope”

I’ve had a portrait of my character Zouriel hanging from my wall since I moved in and it finally coaxed me into writing something with him again. This is a short scene, which I set far in the future in my novel-verse. Perhaps in what would be book two or three.

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Short Story: “Rubicon”

I guess I wanted to shed some light on a certain important event in my novel protagonist’s past, a crossing of the title of this little story, so I wrote this. It’s also a song based story, as the first scenes came to me while listening to “Uprising” by Muse (some lines from Semisonic’s “Secret Smile” sneaked into this as well).

Oh, as an FYI: This story has two guys kissing, so if that’s not your cup of tea…Don’t click to read the rest of the story?

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Short short story: “Morning Dynamic”

A vignette type story typed up as my daily 750words thing. Letting my characters play around in my head some more before I tackle my huge and scary novel proper again. This gently introduces a new character into the mix that I’ve had in my head for some time.


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Short story: “The Blizzard”

My darling protagonists took me for quite a ride, though I really should have been getting ready for bed. With shock I discovered that Cass might have a thing for slash.

It is a story segment which would take place in the time span of my second novel, the sequel to the one that started as my NaNo. (Geez, what am I doing planning a whole book series what now?)

Oh, warnings for naked (though nothing is described and nothing comes of it). Also warnings for sap. Sickly sweet sap. Birch sap.

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Short vignette/flash fiction: “The Call”

Had some self doubt about my writing, caused by focusing on the wrong things and not writing/reading stuff that really thrilled me. As a bit of a balm I leafed through one of my books on writing and found a nice prompt to play with. I feel strongly enough about this that I might include it in that legendary in-progress book based on my NaNoWriMo. It would be a nice twist to the story in the later half.

Without any further ado, read below if you please.

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