Short story: “Take to the sky”

More corvid stuff, this time I use the characters from the last story but exclude the crow. I wanted to describe the first meeting between the jackdaw and the mischievous magpie brothers (I think I have a thing for trickster characters).

Title is borrowed from the Owl City song from the movie about a different kind of bird.

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Poetry: “Dreamscape”




Deep within a night of sleep,

There are dreams that lie in wait.

Some are pleasant, some are bad,

Most are reruns of your life.


Relive days that you have spent,

With your friends in foreign lands.

Take a stroll down memory lane,

As your body gets its rest.


Or your brain might play a trick,

Undress you and force you out.

Wander dreams in huge distress,

Write a test you never had.


All the things you saw and liked,

The brain takes these and blends them up.

Superheroes fighting cats,

Or space ships made of gingerbread.


Though bizarre dreams are preferred,

To the nightmares you can have,

The fact is that you cannot choose.

It is your brain that calls the shots.


Poetry: “Spring”




After winter, grey and cold,

Spring has finally sprung.

Mankind crawls out from their dens,

To squint up at the sun.


In every tree and every bush,

Birds are singing out.

Songs that celebrate new life,

And how to find a mate.


Sap is rising in the trees,

Yes, in every living thing.

Even plants are calling out,

“Don’t you want to tap that?”


Flowers pretty, but so frail,

Emerging from the ground.

Fearless growing everywhere,

Despite the threat of frost.


It is after winter long,

That spring can taste so sweet.

Like the scent of year’s first blooms,

Or like a lover’s kiss.