Short story: “Cassandra’s Independence Day”

A little story about the past of one of my novel characters, a character study if you will.

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Short story: “Echoes and memories”

My novel characters Zouriel and Cassandra have been much neglected as of late, so I wrote this little thing to appease them. It’s actually portraying a kind of important event in the formation of their relationship. (I’m tickled that it came out in Cassandra’s POV, most of my stuff with them is Zouriel’s POV.)

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Short story snippet: “Detective Georgas”

Because I love to stick my novel characters into new settings (well, in this case it was my character Cassandra who wanted to be some kind of female Sherlock Holmes in early Prohibition era with a twist). I feel tickled enough by this scenario to continue it, maybe develop it into a novella. *nods*

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