Poetry: “Robot Appreciation-To Pacific Rim”

It’s Saturday, so it’s time to relax and play around for a bit. So I post my poetic version of a movie review for Pacific Rim. (Maybe I will start a trend here.)

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Personal Essay: “Zoo Connections”


I huddle close to the thick plate glass of the dolphins’ watery domain, when suddenly one of them stops in their circuit of the observable area of the enclosure to study us humans. As we study the dolphin, it looks back at us, keeping its eyes trained on our every movement, following us closely as we move off to the side.

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Admin Post: Happy One Year Anniversary!

It’s hard for me to believe it, but it’s now been one full year since I made my first post here.

I’ve had a busy year, filled with changes and personal growth. I have found new ways to express myself in writing and I have made plans for the future.

Hopefully this blog will continue to help me and allow me to share my work with the world. And I hope people will continue to enjoy what I have to offer.  I could not have done this without you. 🙂

Short story: “Animal Healing”

I visited the zoo today and return home with a head full of wonderful experiences and memories. For now, I offer up this suitable story that I wrote a while back.

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Personal Essay: “Celestial, Seasonal Soulmate”

The treacherous thing about summer, about any season really, is how you might be fooled into believing it lasts forever. Not only that, but how it can even cause you to block the existence of other seasons from your mind, the memories of seasons past shoved into some corner like a misbehaving child who needs a time-out. That is the effect the sun has on me.

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