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Poetry: “The Goodness of the Internet”

I’m a child of the internet, reaching my teens just as the internet became available to normal households. Before social networks, it was a very different place…So, a little personal poem on the subject.


The goodness of the Internet


Back when I was younger

I lived in my own head

I nurtured my imagination

I made friends out of the air


That kind of fanciful behavior

It was okay to some degree

But when I grew a little older

I was met with only scorn


It made me retreat even further

I became afraid to open up

The imaginary friends I had

They became a consolation


Then when I found the world online

I found a safer place

A place where my imagination

Did not get me mocked


It should come to no surprise

That on the net I made truer friends

Then ever I had in real life

For they accepted me, heart and soul


Yet now I hear that the internet

It is a shallow, silly place

And the only real relationships

Are the one that are offline


I say to you, perhaps for some

Offline life is preferred

But for those like me, with silly dreams

We find our friends, our love online




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