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Poetry: “Robot Appreciation-To Pacific Rim”

It’s Saturday, so it’s time to relax and play around for a bit. So I post my poetic version of a movie review for Pacific Rim. (Maybe I will start a trend here.)


Robot Appreciation –To Pacific Rim



When I was but a little lass

Robots entered my life

They were sentient aliens

Or mighty warriors to control


They tickled my imagination

They brought me out in space

They made me wonder if somewhere

Robot aliens did exist.


My interest in robots,

In those mighty metal men

Was maintained throughout the years

All the way into adulthood


I watched them used as weapons

In animations from Japan

I watched them fight and live and die

In comics found at garage sales


When I then heard about

This movie Pacific Rim

About robotic warriors

I simply knew it was for me


Previously there had been made

Some movies with Transformers

But they did not quite contain

The soulful characters from my dreams


These “Bayformers” they simply fought

They did not seem to feel

So they did not quite accurately

Fulfill that burning need


But when the opening credits

To Pacific Rim had rolled

I felt my heart all filled up

My wishes had been observed


The mighty Jaeger warriors

Piloted with such skills

And the humans that controlled them

They brought all the soul and feels


And when the movie finally was done

When the ending music played

I wanted to stand up and applaud

This deserved all of my praise


So now I hope, I fervently pray

That someday we might get

A Transformers movie just as good

With just the same heart and soul.


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