Acrostic poem: “Witches”

Today is the day, where in Swedish folklore, witches went to party with the devil and stuff… So thematic acrostic?

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Personal Essay: “On Shapes”

For some reason or other I find myself flipping through the latest clothing catalog that landed with a very solid thump in the mailbox. Fall fashion is here and itโ€™s time to convince us women that we need a brand new wardrobe again. I very rarely order clothes online, because I can’t try them on in advance and I know if the clothes aren’t a good fit, and they often aren’t, I have to go through the tedious process of returning them via mail. The catalog is filled with glossy page after page of smiling models, posing in perfect light and wearing clothes that always fit them just right. At the back of the catalog I find the size guide and accompanying it is a cheerful illustration of various body types with the headline announcing that all body shapes can find the perfect outfit within the pages of this catalog. Color me suspicious.

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Essay: “Freedom to choose – Freedom to wear?”

Imagine that you are a young woman, walking through your neighborhood, the place you have lived for all of your life. Perhaps you’ve had moments when you haven’t felt completely safe, all women go through that now and then especially at night, but nothing you have experienced thus far prepared you for the man that suddenly walks up to you, slams your head into a nearby car and yells racial slurs at you, telling you that you don’t belong here.

This thing happened to a young woman in a suburb to Stockholm, Sweden this past Friday. What was her only crime?

She wore an Islamic headscarf, or hijab.

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