Essay: “Work Ethics”

It’s a warm Friday afternoon in July; post a lovely and delicious bit of barbecue. Sometimes a good meal can leave you sluggish, content to just sit and bask as your stomach begins the digestive process, enjoying your current company of peers. My father has instead chosen to educate my brother and me on the tired old topic that is the difference in work ethic between his generation and the more recent ones.

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Essay: “Higher Education – Free for all?”

I am blessed in that I live in a country where higher education, meaning any studies after high school is free. When I say free I mean that there are no high fees or tuition to simply attend a class at a university or college. Financing your studies is a whole different matter.

Sometimes I wonder how much we truly benefit from this free access to college and university level classes, even more so when they have opened up to let more people attend than before, introducing new laxer requirements for certain groups. Let me stress that I do think that a free higher education is a good thing; I cannot help but compare myself with friends in the USA who in some cases never could even dream of college because of the costs. If you have the desire and ambition to go to college or a university I do think that this should be an alternative for everyone. But that is not where I find myself stumbling.

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