Personal Essay: “My History of Cooking: A Love Story”

It’s not often that I find myself so violently against anything one of my brothers has to say to me. In adulthood we have found a companionship and a kind of camaraderie that we did not have as children or teenagers, perhaps it is our shared interest in things seen as “geeky” and “nerdy” by society, or perhaps we simply bonded over our shared, grimmer memories of our upbringing.

But right now I am not happy with what my brother has suggested to me and I let him know right away. What was his suggestion? That as soon as I am back on full time pay, I seriously slim down on all of my expenses so I might be able to repay all of my student loads in just a year or so. Perhaps it is not a horrible suggestion on paper, I have long felt tormented by those student loans, something my brothers never applied for during their few semesters at university and as they then took advantage of still living at home when they first started working they have now managed to amass savings that could pay off my debt almost three times over.

My problem with this suggestion, which would mean cutting down on all expenses, including vacation amusements, movie tickets and so on for up to three years, is that it would also mean slimming down my food budget. And that is something I could not stand for. Because, other than writing, cooking and a budget that allows me some wiggle-room when it comes to trying new product and new, fun dishes, is something I cannot imagine myself living without.

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