Poetry: “The monsters in the dark”


The monsters in the dark


When I was but a little girl,

I feared the monsters in the dark.

The creatures underneath my bed,

And the ghosts that lived outside.


I trusted my own parents,

And my room to keep me safe.

I kept the lights all on at night,

To keep the nightmares far away.


Now that I have grown and changed,

I see that ghosts aren’t really real,

But the world it still has monsters,

They just wear a different face.


The banker that sits at his desk,

Making people lose their home.

The employer that keeps people poor,

And lets their children starve.


The company that doth refuse,

Life-saving medical care.

And those are just the ones whose face,

We never get to see.


The murderers, the rapists,

The child molesters too,

The ones whose many gruesome acts,

Become entertainment on the news.


These are some of our monsters,

So much scarier than those,

That frequented my childhood dreams,

Because these monsters are quite real.


Short story: “Meeting Adjourned”

Well, this was an odd one. I suppose it is a sequel of sorts as one of the characters is the same vampire that was the POV in my vampire story from yesterday.

Here I paired him up with some other otherworldly and supernatural creatures, like…a modern monster support group? I had a lot of fun with the dialogue and the characters. (I must note that the Trickster god in this is only partially based on that infamous version from those superhero movies…)

Might be more with these characters sometime, mostly cause I want to play with them some more.

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