Haiku poetry: “Travel haiku: Visby”

Okay, haiku about a place most of my readers might not have visited, so…consider looking into the tags for more stuff?

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Blog post: “Gotland: The Island Where Interests Collide”

For anyone with any kind of interest in history, especially old history, the island of Gotland is a bit of a goldmine. Its main city of Visby has one of Northern Europe’s most preserved medieval town walls beautifully preserved, with an ongoing restoration project to ensure that it will remain standing for many more years to come.

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Essay: “The Power of Nature”

As I stand next to the large limestone formation stretching almost 40 feet into the air from where I stand, with another 40 feet separating us both from the roaring sea down below, it’s hard not to feel a certain awe at this rock solid (pardon the pun) evidence of what nature can do.

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Short story: “Fort of the Gods”

The old guard fort on the island of Gotland called “Torsburgen”, might not have been named after the god of thunder, but I took that idea and other stories tied to Thor and the fort and rolled with it.

As I am wont to do these days, my inner image of the old Norse gods tend to be a mix of the old mythological beings and the Marvel movies.

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Essay: “Living in the Shade of History”

The medieval city of Visby is even more active than usual this morning in August. There are large crowds of tourists and other people milling about; some dressed in time appropriate attire, though some have been a bit loose and wild with historical accuracy. One girl has matched her old linen tunic with a bright blue Mohawk. Yet, I find that I don’t care much.

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