Personal essay: “Roller coaster misadventure”

Let me paint you a picture, and tell a tale of overcoming fear.

I am a much younger version of myself, a girl who is not as little as she used to be, as when I had my yearly checkup I found out that I had reached the height of 140 centimeters. Why this was such a glorious thing would not become obvious until that summer.

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Personal essay: “On fear”

Biologically speaking fear is something good. It is our body and our brains warning us that something is amiss, that we must be prepared to either fight or flee, which are the most basic of responses. It sets off cascades of responses in our bodies, causing elevated heart beat and sharpens our senses, tapping into the primitive lizard brain. Fear is one of those things which kept our species alive and helped us adapt and thrive over the thousands of years Homo sapiens have lived on this planet.

But the fact is that there can be too much of a good thing.

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Personal Essay: “A story about friendship”

Up until the day I started school, friendship and friends were things that just happened.

Like any toddler I had my playmates and within days of moving to a new town, just months before the birth of my brothers I had made friends with a girl that lived just a few houses away. It was an easy time, where I could just go along with what my friend and her older sister planned for us. I might have been delegated supporting roles in the games we played, but I remember enjoying it. The structure and knowing who I could trust and spend time with was a comfort.

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Personal Essay: “In Motion”

I have no childhood home, no one place I can go back to for safety, where I can say, yes that was my nursery and that is where I lost my first tooth and this is the place where I played hide and seek with the neighborhood kids during warm summer evenings. My parents were in motion all through my early years, moving once for every year of my life until the year I turned 5 and my brothers were not yet one year old…

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