Admin: One thousand posts!



I just realized that with the beginning of the new year I have reached 1,000 posts on this blog!

It feels like such a huge accomplishment, especially when I look back to how it all started, sporadic stories thrown off into the void, like baby birds leaving the nest. Then the day when I decided to commit to posting something everyday and being immediately rewarded with my stats improving steadily. And most importantly, gaining follower after follower. 🙂

So this is my thanks to those of you who check in regularly to read what I put up here, you make it all seem worth it in the end. 🙂

Blog post: “Air travel is a pain”



In this day and age where overseas vacations and holidays seems a common enough thing, on my last excursion into Stockholm I could easily pick out the many teens and preteens who surely spent parts of this summer off in some much warmer land, while it still rained back home. It was not so common when I was young, in fact, it was through the financial aid of my grandmother that my family could have our first overseas trip back when I was 13. A trip that did actually go fairly smoothly, though I had dressed inappropriately for the destination.

Since then, I feel I have experienced most of the non-truly-terrifying problems and screw ups that can plague any seasoned traveler, or at least, that was what I thought until recently.

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Personal essay/blog: “Flying high – The day I hated Chicago”

When I strolled out of the jetway into the terminal there was no sign of the snow storm that had stranded me in Columbus the day previous. There had been some snow on the ground when we taxied over to Terminal 1 to be sure, but the sky above us was a brilliant blue with a sleepy winter sun shining down on the world. It felt like one huge trick had been played on me, one which had now successfully delayed my homecoming with one long day.

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Blog post: “Travel diary part 6”

6th and final part.

Gran Canaria3 016


Today mugginess has descended across the valley and I can no longer see the ocean. As if someone wishes for me to be slowly weaned off the lovely weather we had yesterday and this morning. As if the place is slowly saying goodbye.

Either way it leaves me with time to sit and muse on this week.

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Blog post: “Travel diary part 4”

Part 4

Gran Canaria4 006Gran Canaria4 191










There will always be love in my heart for zoos and botanical gardens, for that display of what nature has to offer, preferably in such a way that feels natural and good to all that is on display for you to see and enjoy.

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Blog post: “Travel diary part 1”

It feels wrong somehow to label the writing I produced during my trip as a plain blog post, for it is not written as I would normally write a diary entry, but I shall still call it blog, though it has some essayistic and poetic elements to it, here and there. From today and for another couple of days I hope you will enjoy my writings, this is part one.

Gran Canaria 2 002


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Blog post: “Taking back the internet.”

I am definitely part of the Internet generation. My father got us online fairly early on during the days when internet pages were mostly text and what graphics existed took ages to load up. I still have vague memories of using the search engines which seemed to be the meat of the early internet, where I tried to find information that I could not find elsewhere in my small home town and I also vividly recall stepping away from the computer to fetch myself a drink while I waited for a webpage to fully load. But the internet back then was not only a useful tool, a hidden trove of information, it was also a safe haven for social outcasts and recluses, such as myself.

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