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Poetry: “Soul”

Sort of related to yesterday’s topic, but a topic on its own. Very free form.



Where lingers that
Most central of a man
The spirit so revered
Made holy by religion
Defined as something
Separate from the flesh
Immortal and eternal
Living on
When body’s reached its end
Forced to face
What evils it did
Calamities it wrought
When living as a man
Punishment thus used
To frighten to obedience
And tempt
With blessed rewards
If one did good
Lived proper
As a moral person should
Should we thus
Adhere to such thoughts
And hope for salvation to come
Or should be try
To dig in deep
Find that space within
Confirm of dispel
The illusions of
That we are more
Then mayflies
Dancing prettily
Until our lives are done


Copyright © 2019 · All Rights Reserved · Fantasy Transcendent

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