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Poetry: “Hatcher”

A poem about the Triceratops mount at the Smithsonian!



From Badlands rock
Some bones emerged
A creature large
With pointed horns
He was a puzzle
At the time
How was it that
This creature lived?

Without much love
They put him up
A mount to show
Him to the world
His legs were odd
And posture strange
But oh the people
Flocked to him

For 90 years
He stood there proud
Until one day
He fell apart
A sickness there
In his old bones
He was rushed off
To be made well

The scientists
They showed him love
And sorted out
The way he looked
Up on display
After some years
He showed a new face
To the world

Now one more change
Has come to him
A brand new mount
A question raised
How did this creature
Meet his end
Was it in fearsome
T-Rex’s jaws?


Copyright © 2019 · All Rights Reserved · Fantasy Transcendent

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