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Poetry: “November 30th”

Short info. This is the day the Swedish king Charles XII was shot and killed in what would be his final battle in Norway, in 1718. He was a pretty… Interesting king, who became beloved by Swedish romantic nationalists in the 19th century and by nazis in the following centuries.


November 30th

On the 30th of November
The last warrior king met his end
By friend or by foe
No one truly knows
After him Sweden stopped looming large

His character has been disputet
Was he a hero or simply a brute
Spending long years
Fighting abroad
What a legacy he left behind

In his name dark forces went marching
Waving torches that lit up the night
Would this king consent
With the violence dealt
Someone will have to exhume his bones


Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved · Fantasy Transcendent


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