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Poetry: “Penny a paw”

I have heard of kittens being sold of for almost nothing, hence the title.


Penny a paw

Please do not buy kittens
For just a penny a paw
Aren’t these furry darlings
Worth more than that to you?

Don’t love them just as kittens
And discard them when they grow
The shelter fills with summer cats
Now abandoned in the fall

These loyal, furry servants
Chasing rats since ancient times
How did we so devalue
What their nine long lives are worth?

For every cat in shelters
There are ten left out to starve
Because some people do not see
That they suffer just as us

So for the children of Bastet
To regain their former worth
We should all to begin with
Pay far more than just a dime


Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved · Fantasy Transcendent


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