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Poetry: “Good deeds”

Let me bring up something important…


Good deeds

If good deeds should go
Forever unrewarded
If selfless acts
Are lost between the sands
Of time
Trickling ever down
Obscured by all the mayhem
Of life in all its forms
What will be the consequence
The echos that remain
Of generosity
If there never is a hand
To pay it forward
The kindness
That makes us more than beasts
Naught but base instincts
Fighting for their lives
Would cruelty prevail?
Become our major currency?
Exsanguinate us
Of all that makes us great
If love for a stranger
A fellow human, in great need
Should be replaced by hate
Then I divorce myself
From humankind
And take my leave of it
Fare the well


Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved · Fantasy Transcendent

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