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Poetry: “With the seasons”

A seasonal, personal poem.


With the seasons

I live life with the seasons
The rising
And the fall
When last of winter’s cold departs
So departs my inner gloom
When sunshine shines
Upon the earth
And wakens all the world
So my soul bursts on through
Eager for the light
In summer I lay placid
Like a snake upon the rocks
Unless the sky turns grey and cold
When I lay sluggish in my den
As Summer dear has had her turn
And Fall makes her debut
I feel a sorrow in my heart
As that grande finale delights
I wrap myself in color too
While cold starts creeping in
Then when the winter
Comes anew
I make my last retreat
And like the bears inside their dens
My soul curls up real tight
To hibernate
All through that cold
And wait for spring’s first light


Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved · Fantasy Transcendent


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