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Poetry: “On freedom”

Getting a little political again, sorry.


On freedom

A word tossed around
Made fuel
In debates
That go on and on
It tires the senses
The meaning it seems
It starts to go blurry
When all seem to say
“It’s my freedom you’re threatening”
And freedom to be
A jerk without empathy
Who cares not
For others
And their situations
For one man’s own freedom
Can be someone’s slavery
Oppression that’s stifling
Or guides someone gently

So can we all
Agree to disagree
And search in our hearts
For solidarity
It’s our needs as humans
That should be prioritized
And liberty should not
Come at the price of
Another man’s safety
Or health
Or well-being
So mix in some kindness
And humanism
A dash of ecology
And then and only then
I’ll support your freedom


Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved · Fantasy Transcendent

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