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Poetry: “Mechanics of love”

One of those unending subject matters…

(I wrote this shortly after listening through act one of Hamilton, so I feel some credit for how this was shaped (and a healthy bit of admiration) goes to Lin-Manuel Miranda.)


Mechanics of love

How to explain it?
The feelings
Possess us
The firing neurons
The bathing of chemicals
Resulting behavior
Proximity longed for
A face
An entrapment
That’s etched in your eyeballs
You’re helpless to stop it
Its currents
They sweep up
Your body
Your being
Can make you feel helpless
A taste then
Such sweetness
Where your bodies mingle
Can turn into
When feelings do not synch
But don’t let me lecture
I’m not
Much wiser
My own explanations
Aren’t helping
To silence
The roaring of chemicals
Pumped through
Your blood stream
Resulting behavior
Makes you
Act foolish
And all you can hope for
Is synchronous
To calm down the boiling
Of blood
In your body
And find satisfaction
In simple proximity


Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved · Fantasy Transcendent

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