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Poetry: “Due process”

Some musings on the law and justice.


Due process

The law knows naught
But what is writ
Has been decided
And upheld
Though years on end
It’s purpose that
To aid the hand
Of Lady Justice
Blind gaze turned
Sword held high
Cuts to the core
Of each issue

Indignation or attempts
To use your purse
To buy you favor
Is to no avail
Or should be thus
For law is law
And should be so
Objective and unmovable
Equality for all

Yet with all things
Born by man
The flaws appear
With time
Eroding cracks
And gaping maws
And Lady Justice
Can be misled
Through no fault
But those hands
That guide her

May we find the wisdom
To close those cracks
And let Justice
Stand with pride


Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved · Fantasy Transcendent

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