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Poetry: “Skin”

I guess a kind of commentary on how people can tell you to have/grow “tougher skin”…



My skin is brittle like porcelain
Falls to pieces at a touch
It can’t take the rougher handling
That you face out in the world

I want skin as pliant as rubber
That’s absorbing all my hurts
No matter what I must endure
It will let me bounce right back

My skin is fragile like paper
It can tear and it can rip
With too much hardship raining down
It will crumble right away

I want skin as hardy as metal
Sleek and shiny as a wall
Like so, nothing can penetrate
No harsh words or cruel jibes

Perhaps though, a skin like ice
Cool endurance there at first
But when it slowly warms up
It can let the good stuff in


Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved · Fantasy Transcendent


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