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Poetry: “Eyes open”

I guess this ties into yesterday’s poem a bit, though a bit more personal.


Eyes open

Growing up
Wanting to fit in
Not being
A square peg
In a round hole
Be like the others
The media
Never showing
There was another way
Another story
That could be
My life
I adopted
Someone else’s narrative
Never once
Looking for my own
Until I grew
Much older
And finally
Horizons slowly expanded
An alternative
Suddenly presented
Eyes we’re open
Far too late
Or just in time
To make a difference

I struggle now
To catch up
Make up for
Time that was lost
I look then
To younger generations
Who were shown
The alternative stories
More secure
In themselves
And I feel envy
But also gladness
That their eyes are open
To their paths
So clear up ahead


Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved · Fantasy Transcendent


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