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Poetry: “On historic writing”

What the title says, especially important in the age of “alternative facts”.


On historic writing

The Roman Tacitus
Teaches us
The importance of recording
All events
Both good and bad
A true historic document
For years to come
An honest narrative
Without fear of repercussions
While later men
Were paid to write
The accolades of kings
And mighty men
Later scholars learn to sift
Through treacly words
To find the truth
Hidden within the glamour
To think like archaeologists
Digging through layers
Of alterations made
By those who did not care for truth
In all its ugly splendor
Who shall we take
To be our role model?
Shall we let the fear
Or desire for profit
Color our writing of events
Or shall we be more like Tacitus
Be honest in our writing
And show history for what it was
Where facts are facts
And nothing else


Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved · Fantasy Transcendent

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