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Poetry: “Modern gods”

Poking a bit of fun at my own countrymen.


Modern gods

My people worship at the altar
Of home improvement
And interior decoration
On Sundays they congregate
In the lumberyards
And tool shops
Planning their next project
Which will eat up their entire vacation
Flock to IKEA
Not just for the meatballs
But for furnishing their altars
With new designer glassware
Replacing a worn table lamp
With an elaborate affair
Named after a northern coastal city
Instead of a collection plate
They swipe their credit cards
Donating to corporations
That grow fat on our new obsessions
Filling our homes to the brim
With blankets and throw pillows
For that special ambiance
That cozy feeling that was conveyed
In that fancy, glossy magazine
Shared on social media
We egg each other on
Though secular on paper
We are not a godless land


Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved · Fantasy Transcendent

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