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Poetry: “Electronics fatigue”

Born from a few hours spent worrying about my phone acting up. 😛


Electronics fatigue

I am surrounded
My electric devices
Intricate machines
That bring much good
To the table
Connecting me
To friends afar
An encyclopedia there
At my fingertips
Our modern day typewriters
Storing such information
But my anxiety spikes
At their fragility
Their complex circuitry
Waiting to short
Tiny components
With a limited life span
That go on the fritz
And with our dependence
Their deaths can be quite
Hard drive crashes
Motherboard failures
A phone that’s too complex
And my talents
Are not enough
To sort out what problems
They might give me
So sometimes
Though I love them
I wish to unplug
Turn off
Put away
Let my weary mind rest
From electronics fatigue


Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved · Fantasy Transcendent


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