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Poetry: “Deep divide”

Going a bit political again, sorry.


Deep divide

Watch that
Great divide
That wide ravine
Barrier that separates
All of us
From those in power
Hungry politicians
With their Machiavellian plays
Fencing with words
For the media’s attentions
Collecting gold stars
While people starve
Holding multiple jobs
If they even have one
The old and infirm
Left to suffer
If their families
Cannot step in
To hold them up
While television hosts
Set the rulers
Up there on their stage
Prancing like peacocks
While getting precious little done
Or simply pandering
To vocal xenophobes
So how in the world
Will we ever meet
To work things out?
Finding common ground
Especially when
The wealthy pay
To maintain
This rotten status quo
Tearing down what bridges
Have been built
To cross that deep divide


Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved · Fantasy Transcendent

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