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Poetry: “Humanity”

Can’t help but coming back to these, after 2016 I had to do a lot of thinking about us as a species…



Oh, humanity!
What shall become of you?

You made yourself the rulers
Of a place you can’t control
Divide yourself in little segments
Starting wars for every slight
Placing value on the wrong things
The ones with power taking all
And leaving none for those remaining
Starving in the shade of towers
Glittering in sunlight
As the rest erupts in flames

Oh humanity!

Where as often gentle hands
Are met with fists and cruel words
Where love is lauded in one second
Scorned then if it’s all the wrong sort
Where children roam in bombed out ruins
While others live in golden castles
Where minorities are made to fight
As wealthy rulers stoke the flames
Where elections can be stolen
Democracy naught but a word

Oh humanity!
Whatever shall become of you?


Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved · Fantasy Transcendent

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