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Poetry: “Together”

Inspired by all the things I have seen and heard after the US election a month or so ago.



To little girls
Now losing hope
That they could lead
Be president
Please don’t give up
There is still time
For things to change
Don’t let hope die

To Muslim women
Now feeling scared
To show the world
Just what they are
Please persevere
We’re not all bad
So you might yet
Wear what you like

To black and brown folks
Still trying hard
To make things better
With your own lives
I root for you
Should not remain
A far distant dream

To immigrants
That worry now
That you’re not welcome
Here anymore
I tell you now
Shut out the mobs
We’re all still here
And we welcome you

To gays and trans
Who harbor fear
That time will turn
All backwards now
We stand together
All of us who stand out
With voices raised high
We’re all still here!


Copyright © 2016 · All Rights Reserved · Fantasy Transcendent


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