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Poetry: “Black days, Black weeks”

On Black Friday and such things.


Black days, Black weeks

They claim it’s for us
Their sales screaming signs
To make all the bargains
And save where we can
As long as we shop
As hard as we can
They saw we contribute
And make the wheels turn
And not only that
They disguise it so fine
To say it’s the one way
We can show our love
Purchasing presents
And all of the bits
That’s meant to enhance
All our holidays
But the money that’s drained
Is January’s debts
And to keep the stores open
Someone must at work
So while some may feast
And gift off their love
The slaves that work retail
Are fraying their nerves
And toasting their holidays
With bargain bin wine
While some cats grow fat
On those debts that we made


Copyright © 2016 · All Rights Reserved · Fantasy Transcendent

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