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Poetry: “Strange constants”

More social justice/equality/workers rights stuff.

This one is for you, all the working poor in US.


Strange constants

You work and toil
All your life
Never stop to think
That certain aspects
Of your life
Need not to be so

Coming home weary
Deep into your bones
Footsteps dragging
As you walk
Just glad that work is done

How is this still a fact
In our modern age?
Is this not a relic
From the 19th century
It’s true our hours are shorter
But still so very hard
And in places
You still need
Another job or two

What happened to the progress
Promised to us all
That hours would keep shrinking
And still provide enough
Perhaps the truth is not so hard
Just look up
There on high
The men with money will not share
Their wealth with all of us


Copyright © 2016 · All Rights Reserved · Fantasy Transcendent

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