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Poetry: “Nature’s lullaby”

A reminder of the cyclical nature of nature and life, that autumn is but a long sleep before rebirth.


Nature’s lullaby

Sleep now, meadows
Relax yourself towards the ground
Let dried up seeds fall where they may
Let wind to all the rest
Sleep now through the darker days
When sun is weak and pale
Sleep under your blanket
Of fallen leaves and frost
Sleep until the spring time sun
Gently wakes you up

Sleep now, forests
Suck up those final dregs of water
Last chlorophyll tucked safe inside
Leave your dried up leaves to crumble
Fall wherever they may
Making cozy nests for hedgehogs
And others who
Still huddle in your shade
Sleep in frigid fall and winter
Sleep until the warmer winds
When sap flows clear and strong

Sleep now, waters
Welcome growing frost and cold
Crystals binding into covers
Keeping all your critters safe
Sinking down towards your bottoms
Where it’s still not quite as cold
Rest now and let all be calm
Calm and quiet down below
Rest until the ice will crack
Devoured by a warmer sun


Copyright © 2016 · All Rights Reserved · Fantasy Transcendent

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