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Poetry: “To queue”

Well, a very big nation is heading to the polls today to elect their new leader, and I offer up this poem to them. (Particularly those who aren’t sure they want to bother with voting.)


To queue

Life is like an endless queue
Of waiting patiently
At first you’re waiting to be born
Then for your body to catch up
For motor skills and vocal chords
Then when that’s all done
You’re oh so busy waiting
Waiting to grow up

To grow more tall and bigger
To gain your right to speak
And then it dawns upon you
That some things in life are earned
So you wait in every line
To gain and get and buy
Passports, ticket, and of course
Taking part in democracy

And if there is but one queue
I shall gladly spend my time
It’s to use my civic right
And go out to cast my vote


Copyright © 2016 · All Rights Reserved · Fantasy Transcendent


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