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Poetry:”On inequalities”

A topic that I keep coming back to, it seems. Fun with comparisons.


On inequalities

We all are born equal
The potential is all there
Like how the smallest acorn
Can grow into a great big oak
But just like with that acorn
Things can happen on the way
Depending on where acorns fall
They can flourish, or they fail
Fall into the poorest soil
And things will start off wrong
Even with much love and care
That seedling’s life is hard
With resources unlimited
Both sun and rain to spare
The seedling will shoot up so high
And dwarf his poorer kin
But here the similarities end
For unlike human kind
A bit oak doesn’t lecture
His smaller, poorer kin
Erasing inequalities
Is hard enough without
Those who were born more lucky
Passing judgement on the rest


Copyright © 2016 · All Rights Reserved · Fantasy Transcendent

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