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Poetry: “The dance”

Some free form, almost stream of consciousness bit of writing.


The dance

Smoothly then
The fingers dance
Dance a dance
On keys that clatter
Worn with use
They know their place
Swiftly dancing
Dance of words
Stringing words
Like beads that gleam
Gleam and shimmer
On their string
Gleaming words
Are thus then placed
Row by row
In finished strings
Carefully despite the dance
The dance of fingers
On the keys
Every pause
Is weighed on scales
On gilded scales
To measure worth
For words are nothing
If not used right
Merely sounds
A discordant noise
To be a dance
They must be used
Used with care
By fingers true
So watch the dance
The smooth and steady
Fingers dance
On keys that clatter
Dance the dance
Of words so chosen
Strung along
In wondrous dance


Copyright © 2016 · All Rights Reserved · Fantasy Transcendent

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