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Poetry: “Seeking truth”

A little more social commentary now.


Seeking truth

How common to see
in arguments
People making
Straw men
Propping them up
With their own ideas
And definitions
Of some thing
Battering at it
Proclaiming it the truth
Then surprised
If you do not go along
Despite the straw flying
Painting devils
On the wall
Toothless idols
Lined up in a row
Made as gruesome
As they wish
Pointing and yelling
“See how they are!”
Demanding your full attention
As they present
Their various solutions
To a problem based
In lies
And half-truths
While the people sit
In their cushy seats
Maws open
Spoon fed the words
Of men become experts
At bending the truth
In their favor
Seasoning it
With pure fallacies

And therein is the danger
To never question
To always accept
And let the murky men
Decide what to believe



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