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Poetry: “Pessimism”

Another rather morose poem, sorry!



The world
In which we live
With its violence
And scheming politicians
Is it not easy then
To view the glass
As half empty?
To always go about
Expecting the worst
So you can be spared
The heartbreak
And disappointment
When your heroes
Reveal themselves
To be mortal
Fallen off their pedestal
World leaders
Saying one thing
While clinging to power
No matter the cost
Promising equality
While they themselves
Play by different rules
And when you march
For your rights
The protectors
Turn their guns on you
Who come in peace
Is it not natural then
To go about
Waiting for the other shoe
To drop
It might be a sad state
A rather glum existence
But at least then
There is always room
To be positively surprised


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