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Poetry: “Root beer”

A rare drink in my parts, thus it has become special to me.


Root beer

A certain taste
That transports
Unlocking memories
To an airport arrivals area
Meeting friends
First sip
Of the other country
A taste of things to come
A shopping mall
Sharp and clean
Stores all in a row
Fast food restaurant
Greasy food
Fries crunching
Between my teeth
A road trip
Endless miles
Corn fields on the left
Soy on the right
American mid west
Please try and conform
All the cars
Speeding in the same direction
Small towns
With all its churches
Billboards along the way
Raper trucks
Welcome to Indiana
A rest stop along the way
The clunk of a vending machine
A cold bottle
Clutched in my hands
Still a ways to go
Sun setting outside the car window
The crickets buzzing
As we stop for gas
And something to eat
Almost there



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