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Poetry: “Month of May”

The last day of May, I offer this as a eulogy of sorts.


Month of May

She came then, month of May
With flowers in her hair
She swept away the snow and frost
With her green voluminous skirts
She opened all the shutters
Inviting all the birds
She coaxed the shyest birches
To open up their leaves
She used a broom to sweep away
The gloomy, solemn clouds
She stood with arms akimbo
And smiled up at the sun
She climbed up in the fruit trees
As they all burst out in bloom
She went on walks among the green
And teased up fall’s last cocoons
She filled the air with butterflies
Still wet from their long rest
She took a spring, still very new
And helped it move along
She wasn’t just spring’s nursemaid
In her wake summer was born



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